Your Holistic Way 

Become the person you are meant to be

"When I signed up for Florentina’s program, the first thing we did was to review my lifestyle and to establish my main goals. They were: to lose some weight; to achieve more calmness and order in my life; to eat better foods for me; to get over some self-confidence issues; to take better care of myself (I had trouble with very dry skin and brittle nails); and to clarify my career goals and how to achieve them, as I was in my first year at University.

Florentina has helped me tremendously to work toward achieving these goals. First of all, she created a customized nutrition program. She helped me come up with some ideas for lunches that I could take with me to school that were nutritious and they were lasting me until the night when I would get home (in the past I would get hungry and resort to vending machine snacks that made me feel more guilty than satisfied). The best part was that she helped me to replace some of the not-so-healthy foods that I loved with alternatives that were still delicious but had none of the questionable ingredients. She gave me some nice recipes, even for scrumptious deserts that were made without refined sugar or flour. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make my own pistachio milk!

More important than the foods I started to eat, was the fact that Florentina helped me to regain my self-confidence.  I have learned to be optimistic, to transform any negative thought into a positive one, to never give up on my dreams, to love myself, and to not be ashamed to express myself and my ideas. I am simply a happier person since I started working with her!

During this program, I also managed, with Florentina’s help, to get a clearer picture of what my life goals are and how to accomplish them. She helped me prioritize my tasks and be more organized and tidy. We started with my room, desk, and folders and we finished making sense of the chaos that was characterizing my day-to-day life.

The most important measurable changes that I have noticed since the beginning of the program is the fact that I lost about 23 lb and I have gained new friends! In general, now I am a happier person, I take better care of myself, I find time to exercise every day, and I have a positive attitude about life.

I appreciated that the program was tailored to the habits of my country  and to the time I had available, given my busy school schedule, and also to the foods that can be found here locally and in season.

Florentina provided permanent support throughout the program. She always responded in a timely manner every time I emailed her a question and she encouraged me to stay the course and keep focused on my goals.

Florentina is a very generous and altruistic person, a good listener with a lot of patience, who helped me reach my objectives. She is the person who taught me to love being healthy! I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make a change for the better in their life.

Most of the times, we don’t realize how important health is until we lose it. Enrolling in this program helped me to get educated and realize how important it is to eat real foods and take care of my body to prevent disease and stay happy and energized. A health coach can be a great partner and support to accomplish and maintain health and balance, and I am so grateful that I had a chance to work with Florentina!" ~

"Florentina has been my health and life coach for the past 2 years, as well as a close and dear friend for 15 years. Her longtime dedication to a holistic approach to health and life in general is what determined me to ask for her professional services back in 2013. 

Ever since I met her in Los Angeles in 2000, Florentina has been passionately reading every book, blog, magazine, and website on supplements, organic food, and the latest discoveries and trends in the world of alternative medicine. She not only read a lot, but also made it a point to share her learnings in the form of health tips via email to a close group of friends—which I was fortunately part of. It only made sense to turn her passion into a profession—and I am very thankful that she did. 

Being more of a Western inclination—as in I prefer traditional medicine—I need a bit more hand-holding than other clients. Florentina somehow always finds the extra time to address all my questions and concerns—and I have quite a few. She does not just send me literature to read but actually curates materials to my level of understanding, time, and issues that I am trying to address. She even helped me with lists of exact ingredients and brands for my shopping. Needless to say that it made all the difference in adopting a healthier diet.

Her practice is aptly named Your Holistic Way. Florentina uses every tool and technique to help guide me to be a better self in every aspect of my life and health. While she is very patient, compassionate, and a very good listener, Florentina makes sure that I am meeting the goals that I set for my program. Her prompt replies and close monitoring only motivate me to work harder and keep up with the changes. 

Each session leaves me energized and inspired to be a better, healthier, more wholesome me. 

Thank you, Florentina! You are my rock! I look forward to many more great sessions with you!" ~

"Do you want to work with a health coach who sees you as a whole person (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual)? Florentina will guide you with grace, make you feel empowered, and help you find your own answers. Her approach is warm and understanding, yet fully professional. Florentina has been my holistic coach throughout my pregnancy. She is a wealth of information and has a tremendous ability to listen compassionately and with an open heart. Working with her has been a blessing."  ~ F.A.

"I am 31 years old and up to this age I haven’t paid much attention to my chaotic life style. My weight was creeping up on me, and I was living like life was hard and unbearable, due to my severe disability I was born with. I had the chance to learn about Florentina’s health coaching program and I took the leap.

We first established my health and life goals, and started to improve my diet by reducing sweets and simple carbs, and increasing nutritious foods and water consumption. We made small, step-by-step changes, and in about three months I got the hang of it and was able to implement a much healthier diet.

Without too much pressure, I also started to move my body more, especially outdoors, and do breathing exercises, which helped me to relax, feel better, and change my attitude toward myself. Among other things, my new state of consciousness and increased comfort helped me to make progress on one of my long-term goals, which was finalizing writing a book that I started two years ago.

I am deeply grateful to Florentina for everything that I learned in this program, and especially for helping me to see life with different eyes, and to re-discover myself as a strong and confident person. Losing weight confirmed even further that I can be myself again. I cannot say it was easy to break away from long established habits, but Florentina was by my side to support me and help me to start over every time I stumbled. She was like a teacher to me, always smiling and radiating calm and balance, and I was the student, not only learning but also feeling the passion of this collaboration and her real interest in my progress. She helped me to see the effort needed to make changes as a way toward prosperity and success.

Florentina not only had the knowledge to help me reach my goals, but she also had the passion and dedication to see me succeed. She was able to meet me at my level of understanding and lift me from there, so I can start loving who I am, be grateful for all the people in my life, find joy in everything, align with my purpose, and enjoy my life in this wonderful and abundant universe.

Who would I recommend Florentina as a health and life coach? To all of the people who could benefit from a change in their life style and are looking for a balance that could bring them more peace and happiness, not excluding shy people, reluctant to change, overpowered by cravings, depressed or cranky, messy people, who maybe respect themselves and want a better life, but cannot figure out the way to find themselves." ~ A.C.

"Florentina was recommended to me by my sister, who is also a health coach. I have decided to start Florentina’s coaching program, on one hand, because of all the good things I learned about her practice from my sister and, on the other hand, because I needed a change in my life regarding my dietary habits, as well as taking care of myself and my family. At that time I was a new mommy, after a pregnancy that resulted in a few extra pounds and a few less-than-healthful dietary habits.

 After my daughter's birth I wanted to learn how to live a healthful life, including preparing healthier meals so that my entire family can benefit from proper nutrition. That is why I decided to find out more about nutrition and how the human body responds to the substances that we consume every day.

 Our initial meeting was fun! I had the chance to get to know Florentina, as well as to present myself and talk about my goals. During the session, Florentina created a relaxed atmosphere, so that I felt comfortable and ready to open up from the very beginning. Although I didn't expect to learn something new from the very first meeting, I did find out some things, not necessarily about nutrition, but about myself! It is actually one of the things that I liked the most in my relationship with Florentina, namely, the fact that every conversation that we’ve had helped me to become more aware of my own person, of what I really wish and the steps that I have to take to get there.

Collaboration with Florentina came naturally. I really enjoyed getting all the attention and making everything about me! But Florentina did more than to give me all her attention... She guided me to establish realistic and clear objectives regarding my and my family’s health and she showed me how I can reach them. Then she guided me throughout the process of achieving my goals, giving me space to learn how to manage by myself to achieve any future objectives and the resources required to fulfill them. What I have learned from Florentina is not only serving me right now, but it will probably help me my entire life.

One of the most important things I've learned is to take more care of myself. As a new mommy, I had a tendency to put myself always in third place, after the baby and my husband, with the price of getting out of balance. Working with Florentina I understood that I can't ever really take care of my loved ones if I don’t take care of myself first.

Thanks to Florentina’s coaching we have introduced nutritious foods in our family’s meals, of whose beneficial properties I didn't know or I didn’t give attention to in the past. At the same time, I have gradually eliminated a series of foods less beneficial to me, in accordance to my profile. I found out what is best for me so that I can make healthful selections at any time. At the end of the program I was more vibrant, more confident in myself than I was at the beginning and more inclined to experiment different recipes or ways to prepare food in the kitchen. As a whole, at the end of the program my energy level was better, and my ability to take care of myself and my family has improved. 

Florentina offered me guidance in some difficult situations, which I have encountered with my new born, such as when she was colicky and had other digestive problems. Many times what I learned from Florentina helped me to figure out what to do with the baby and avoid possible complications. She also gave me valuable guidance in regards to breastfeeding!

I recommend Florentina’s coaching program to all of the moms who want to learn how to feed their families better, as well as how to live themselves more balanced. The program is excellent for preparing to have a baby, or after a birth, or for those who feel something is missing from the point of view of health, but they don't know what it is." ~